The Market for Disposable Laparoscopic Instruments

1. Understand disposable laparoscopic instruments

Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure performed through a keyhole incision. A small camera and a light source attached to the tube allow the surgeon to use special disposable laparoscopic instruments and move them to the target area and perform surgical procedures. This technique is most suitable for surgeries involving the pancreas, liver, colon and bile ducts. The use of disposable surgical equipment reduces the risk of infection during surgery.

Growing capital inflows have helped many developing and poor countries around the world make disposable laparoscopic instruments available for surgery and strengthen their medical infrastructure. Technological developments and improvements will undoubtedly reduce the cost of single-use surgical devices, thereby expanding the user base over the forecast period. In addition, with smaller incisions, these innovations will improve the safety of complications during or after surgery, as well as the effectiveness of the healing process. The growth of the disposable laparoscopic instrument market is driven by lower prices as the market recovers, promotional initiatives in emerging countries, increasing demand for minimally invasive procedures, and technological advances.

2. Which is the most popular disposable laparoscopic instrument on the market?

Trocar is a common device used in laparoscopic surgery to enter and drain a patient's ascites or pleural effusion. Trocar sales are expected to triple by 2028. Each laparoscopic procedure usually requires three to four trocars. The laparoscopic suction/flushing unit provides a continuous supply of pressurized flushing fluid with a leak-free seal. By eliminating excess fluid, they provide excellent efficiency, accuracy and speed up surgical procedures. Because of these advantages, they are becoming more common, and the demand for trocars is on the rise.

3. Which end-use segment of the disposable laparoscopic instrument industry has the greatest growth potential?

By end-use segmentation, the global market for single-use laparoscopic devices is segmented into hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and specialty clinics. In terms of end-use, the hospital sector is expected to show high growth over the forecast period. More and more internal health problems and diseases require rapid surgery, for which the hospital is equipped with sufficient disposable laparoscopic instruments.

Growing investments in healthcare have made all technologies available in these hospitals and have significantly improved healthcare infrastructure. Hospitals are also more cost-effective because they employ trained, qualified and experienced personnel who can perform laparoscopic surgery more quickly. All these factors, along with the benefits offered by hospitals, encourage the majority of people to seek treatment in hospitals, contributing to the growth of the global market for disposable laparoscopic instruments.

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