Disposable Laparoscopic Clip List

Advantages of Laparoscopic Clip Advantages of Laparoscopic Clip

Product Descriptions

Boer laparoscopic clip uses medical grade safe material, which willl cause no tissue-reaction. It can also stop the bleeding very effectively, and easy to operate which will save a lot of operation time.

Laparoscopic Clip FAQs

  • What types of laparoscopy clip do you have?

    Boer has titanium clips and polymer ligating clips both.

  • Will the clip be removed after the surgery?

    Usually no. The clip will be remain in human body to stop the bleeding and helps the wound to heal.

  • Will the clip influence the exam in the future?

    It can be showed on the pictures, and you may need to tell your doctors about that, other than that, it will not 

    effect the exam even for CR, MRI, or X-ray.

  • What is the use of ligation clip?

    Titanium ligation clips can be used for the ligation of dilated vessels during microsurgical subinguinal varicocelectomy, and the operation time is significantly reduced with the use of titanium ligation clips.

Laparoscopic Clip FAQs

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