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Advantages of Laparoscopic Grasper Advantages of Laparoscopic Grasper

Product Descriptions

Boer laparoscopic grasper has the popular length 32cm and ideal small grasping jaws for small incision. Multiple jaw choice, single-action and double-action jaws, bipolar capabilities, rotatable shaft, and anti-fatigue finger rings provide surgeon excellent operating experience.

Laparoscopic Grasper FAQs

  • What are the properties of Grasper?

    1. Possibility of tip rotation

    2. Both movable parts of forceps

    3. Strong instrument to hold the tissues

    4. Simple handle without ratchet

  • What are the advantages of Boer laparoscopic grasping forceps?

    Boer is focus on developing our own brand, so ordering Bore products has a very lower MOQ, and our strategy is to have the most cost performance products.

  • What is a laparoscopic blunt grasper used for?

    Yes, we have CE and ISO13485.

Laparoscopic Grasper FAQs

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