Quality Control

Boer established the quality management system from the ground up. Boer strictly in accordance with GMP standards and built 100 thousand clean level workshops, equipped with first-class production equipment and purified water treatment equipment. Besides, Boer chemistry analyzers will test every batch of the products to make sure the products are qualified.

Other than a clean workshops, and equipment, Boer also has professional inspectors to check the whole process. From raw material to every step of the manufacturing process. 

Research & Development

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  • Demand And Market-Oriented

    Boer Research and Development is demand and market-oriented. 

  • Experience In OEM And ODM

    Boer R&D team has years of experience in OEM and ODM. From the forceps' working length, and the diameter to the packing.

  • New Product Development

    Boer people believe profession and focus create excellence, so up to 10% of the income will be spent on new product development. 

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