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Advantages of Laparoscopic Scissors Advantages of Laparoscopic Scissors

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Boer laparoscopic scissors are designed for clean cut to avoid and collateral damage with fine medical stainless steel, also the ergonomic design handle will offer surgeon comfortable during the entire process.

Laparoscopic Scissors FAQs

  • What types do you have for disposable laparoscopic scissors?

    Boer provides curved Metzenbaum scissors, straight Metzenbaum scissors, fully insulated curved Metzenbaum scissors with jaw length 10mm and 17mm.

  • How do you deal with laparoscopic instruments?

    Wipe down surfaces of instruments with an enzymatic solution. Flush lumens in laparoscopic instruments and accessories to remove gross debris. Separate general surgical instruments from specialized or more delicate instruments (such as ophthalmic). Transport instruments to the specified cleaning area.

  • What are laparoscopic scissors used for?

    During laparoscopic surgery, scissors are used to cut a variety of tissue, including fibrotic or calcified tissue, sutures, and occasionally tissue containing staples. Disposable scissors may become dull and ineffective.
Laparoscopic Scissors FAQs

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