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Advantages of Disposable Medical Devices Advantages of Disposable Medical Devices

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Boer disposable consumables are designed for endoscopic surgery. All materials are medical grade and being manufacturing in the 100,000 class cleaning workshop. 

Disposable Medical Devices FAQs

  • What dispsoable consumable do you have? Do you have products for general surgical?

    Boer is a pofessional manufacture of disposable instruments for minimally invasive surgery only right now.

    So our disposable consumable are mainly veress needle, laparoscopic retrieval bag, suction and irrigation set and laparoscopic electrode.

  • What is a veress needle used for?

    The Veress Needle is a sterile single-patient use device designed for establishing pneumoperitoneum prior to abdominal endoscopy. The Needle is stainless steel with a spring-loaded stylet that retracts when inserted into the abdomen.

  • What size trocar is needed when a specimen bag is used?

    When BMI is below 20, an 11 mm trocar is recommended in trans-trocar appendix removal. When BMI is between 20 and 25, a 12 mm trocar is. When BMI is above 25, a 15 mm trocar and a disposable specimen bag are recommended.

Disposable Medical Devices FAQs

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