SurroundScope: The world's first 270° field of view laparoscope received FDA approval

Laparoscopic surgery has already become the most common type of abdominal surgery, and laparoscopic surgery is vigorously carried out in both gastrointestinal, urology, and gynecology. Laparoscopy has been popularized in county-level hospitals and has surpassed open surgery in terms of surgical volume.

The reason why laparoscopic surgery can be successful is because of the birth of laparoscope, which makes laparoscopic surgery a reality. Of course, with the performance upgrade of other surgical instruments, laparoscopic surgery is like a duck in water. However, as the ‘glasses’ of laparoscopic surgery, laparoscope is still the foundation of laparoscopic surgery.

The quality of laparoscopy directly determines the quality of the operation, so the Chinese domestic market of laparoscope is basically monopolized by the three giants Storz, Olympus and Stryker. Of course, with the progress of COMS, domestic electronic endoscope companies in China have begun to strive to catch up and look forward to catching up with the top players. Domestic electronic endoscope companies have a layout in the fields of 4K, 3D, fluorescence, and disposable, basically in the same direction as the head players of Storz, Olympus, and Stryker.

However, there is one company that has its own characteristics in the development direction of laparoscopy, which is very different from the existing laparoscopy. This company is Israel's 270Surgical, which has greatly improved the field of view of laparoscopy, expanding the traditional field of view of about 90 degrees by 3 times to 270 degrees. And thus lead to progress in other aspects of laparoscopy, so as to solve the three major problems of traditional laparoscope.

limited field of view

It can lead to poor orientation, excessive camera movement, and an increased risk of injury.

Endoscope lens fogging

It is a trouble that MIS surgeons often encounter and reduces the efficiency of the operation.

surgical smoke

is an unavoidable by-product of the cautery process that obstructs the surgeon's vision and slows the work of the caregiver.

SurroundScope is the 270Surgical laparoscope that introduces a new concept. SurroundScope becomes the first laparoscopic imaging system to offer a field of view of up to 270°. Provides an unprecedented experience in general surgery, urology, obstetrics and thoracic surgery.

The reason why SurroundScope can achieve a 270° field of view is that SurroundScope is setting up three cameras, namely the front camera (same as the traditional laparoscope), the left camera, and the right camera. In this way, it is possible to switch freely from the traditional mode (90° field of view) to a 270° field of view during surgery, because it can reduce the movement of the laparoscope, so as to achieve a smoother and more stable surgical process, and reduce the operation time to the traditional one. Laparoscopic half.

With LED technology and built-in sensors, SurroundScope eliminates lens fogging and provides enhanced visualization through smoke for continuity of field of view.

SurroundScope is extremely compatible, allowing full compatibility with the hospital's existing laparoscopic systems, and is available as an "add-on" specialty system that will be used in surgeries that require an expanded 270° field of view to maximize surgical outcomes. Thereby reducing hospital hardware expenses.

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