How is the Laparoscopic Fenestrated Grasper Different from the Open Device?

1. Overview of laparoscopic fenestrated gripper

Laparoscopic grasping forceps are divided into 0° separation forceps, 2×3 tooth grasping forceps, gallbladder arc grasping forceps, single opening clamping clamp, double opening clamping clamp, toothed spring clamping clamp, flat head non-damage forceps and tissue extraction forceps. The pliers are respectively composed of a pliers head, a pliers rod and a pliers handle.

Main performance: The shape of the laparoscopic fenestrated gripper should be flat and smooth, without edge, burr, trachoma and crack. The lip teeth of grasping pliers and separating pliers should be clear and complete, without missing teeth and rotten teeth.

The gill rivet of the laparoscopic fenestrated grasper should be fixed firmly and not loose or move when closed or opened. The opening and closing of the gripper should be flexible, without a sense of block. With a lock should be locked reliably. When the head end of grasping pliers, non-damaging pliers, spring pliers and separation pliers is closed, the head tooth profile should be engaged; The slot in the head of the clamp shall be centered, and the slot shall be positive when the two pliers are closed. Grasping pliers, separation pliers, no damage pliers, spring pliers, clamping pliers should have good clamping force. The corrosion resistance of the outer surface of the laparoscopic grip shall meet the requirements of Class b of boiling water test method YY/T0149-2006. The outer surface of the surgical grip can be made with or without brightness. The value of the outer surface roughness Ra is less than 0.4μm with brightness and 0.8μm without brightness. The inner surface of the parotid is not greater than 1.6μm. The head of the surgical pliers should be heat-treated and its hardness is 40HRC ~ 50HRC.

The product is used in minimally invasive abdominal surgery for the removal and separation of diseased tissues and organs.

2. Differences between laparoscopic fenestrated gripper and open instrument

Laparoscopic grasping forceps are one of a series of standardized laparoscopic tools that, unlike traditional surgical tools, feature extended shafts or styluses to allow operation through incisions no larger than 5 mm during minimally invasive surgery. The former is a laparoscopic tray with a perforated intestinal grabber, while the latter is a traditional open surgical tray with a range of different grabbers. The most obvious difference between the two different device designs is the slender shaft required for the laparoscopic device.

Laparoscopic instruments come in many forms and can be reused or used once. A handle, insulated shaft, and insertion forming the tip are usually included, and some versions include a cauterizing post for connecting to a monopole electrosurgical cable. Such devices are exquisitely designed but contain few moving parts because they are designed for use in highly confined Spaces around delicate internal organs. Models are offered in the diameter range from 1.8mm to 12mm, but most instruments are designed for use in 5mm or 10mm openings. The typical length of many adult surgeries is about 30 to 35 cm, but longer or shorter instruments may be required in some cases.

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